Eat first before contest see you all there today:)

All of you is Welcome to Look with us. Spånga folk huset now Adress:Spångavägen 353 Ticket 400 300 See you all:). Come in please vote for me:). Now. Amparo

Spånga folk huset:).

We all of us trening only today:)

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Inam home now

I am happy to see the night life in Stockholm :). Its good to home now:). And i want to Say good night to all of you :). Have a Nice night:). Make your own business ok dont Say anything of other IF you dont know them ok fuck your self. IF you Say something bad about My blogg or me IF you dont like IT dont read My blogg or fallow My blogg ok. You dont have ringt to make me SAd or i dont have ringt to make you SAd too. IF you make MA SAd i Will fuck your as with the big stick in i Will cut your Dick in let the dog eat that:). In i know ho you Are i Will pucking slap your face with My 2 hands:). So that you know that you dont resfeck your self also me:). Then IF you comment in My blogg to make me SAd i Will fucking block you so you will not have contak on me anymore your Are fucking Idyot ,put typ in your mounth ok:).if you comment or text me back i Will put your text to the police because you make me SAd and distubing me. Make your own business please:). You dont have ringt to Say anything about me you Are not My mom or dad or My sister or brother ok. In you dont pay My bils in you dont do anything with me ok. IF you like to be Nice to Someone they Will be Nice to you back IF you Are Idyot they Will be Idyot to you too. IF you dont have resfeck to your self they Will not resfeck you too. Thanks to all of you that read My blogg And goodnight everybody:). Sweetdreams :).